Our Design

Ligea, Terina and the Mediterranean Sea

Italy is expression of a tradition of arts, craftsmanship, attention to details and ability to create beauty gained over centuries.

As ambassadors of this extraordinary heritage, we have decided to dress our premium extra virgin olive oil with a unique bottle.

A tribute to our beautiful territory and to our rich history. The fertile soil, the crystal clear Mediterranean sea and distant myths are at the heart of our story.

The  mysterious profile on our label represents Ligea, one of the three sirens who tried vainly to bewitch Odysseus with her beautiful voice.

This design has been created taking inspiration from an ancient coin  depicting the sensual creature, found near one of our olive groves, next to the findings of the powerful Greek polis Terina (c. 400 BC) in Lamezia Terme, Calabria. The earring represents instead a gear of the ancient mill.

The possibility that an ancient polis could be hidden under the beautiful mediterranean bush arose for the first time in 1865, when a gold diadem and jewels from the 4th century BC were found by chance and are today preserved in the British Museum of London.

The discovery of the “treasure” and the particular position where the remains of this polis were, led the archaeologist Paolo Orsi in 1922 to believe that it was the lost Terina.

Today next to our olive grove, Giardini Renda, part of the ruins of the ancient city are still visible whereas the beautiful coins are preserved in the Museo archeologico Lametino of Lamezia Terme.