Our Olive Groves

We make our premium extra virgin olive oil exclusively from our four delightful olive groves in Lamezia Terme


It’s the hearth of the family heritage, with the old country house and barns surrounded by centenary Carolea olive trees and the old vineyard. Close to the sea and the nearby hills.

Hectares – c. 25
Olive trees – c. 4,000
Soil – Alluvial | Clay
Cultivar – Carolea
Altitude – c. 30 metres


Called the garden thanks to its incredible properties to grow any type of fruit. Protected by the hills from one side and blessed by the healthy sea breeze from the other side.

Hectares – c. 10
Olive trees – c. 2,500
Soil – Alluvial | Clay
Cultivar – Carolea
Altitude – c. 50 metres


Located in the Maida Vale, where English fought against Napoleon in this part of Calabria in 1806. Altitude and clay soil are key for its excellent oil.

Hectares – c. 6
Olive trees – c. 1,000
Soil – Clay
Cultivar – Carolea
Altitude – c. 350 metres


The smallest and the most beautiful, with a stunning view from the steep hill: the Lamezia valley covered with olive trees and the Tyrrhenian Sea sparkling in distance.

Hectares – c. 4
Olive trees – c. 400
Soil – Clay
Cultivar – Carolea
Altitude – c. 250 metres