An extra virgin olive oil dedicated to the roots of our Calabrian land, recalling the typical Mediterranean aromas. A mosaic of tomatoes and wild vegetables accompanied by sensations of black pepper characterize the unique and intense flavour of this premium extra virgin olive oil. Its texture is very fluid and harmonious while Its taste is round and full ending in notes of almonds and citrus.

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Sensory profile
Carolea extra virgin olive oil from Tenute Cristiano reveals strong perceptions of fruity green olives, ripe tomatoes and wild vegetables. Its texture is very fluid and harmonious with clear hints of nuts. Its taste is round and full with bitter notes of green pepper and almonds ending in an aftertaste of tropical fruit.

Food pairings
Salads and soups with a strong taste, fresh and steamed vegetables, pork chops, baked rabbit, grilled meat, blue fish.

Production area
Giardino Renda, Tenuta Maida

Carolea – Nocellara Messinese

Harvest period
Mid October

Chemical analysis
Acidity – 0.16 %
Peroxide – 5 meq O2/Kg
Polyphenols – 430 mg/Kg

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Bag in box – 3 litre, Bag in box – 5 litre, Bottle – 500ml, Can – 3 litre