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We are seriously committed to bring a superior quality Italian extra virgin olive oil to your tables
With centenary heritage
We are bound to our artisanal traditions and to the earth of Calabria

What we do

We use the finest estate – grown Carolea, Coratina and Nocellara olives to craft our premium extra virgin olive oil.

How we do it

We carefully follow all stages of the production process in order to obtain a high quality, award-winning extra virgin olive oil.


“Respect for nature”

We use environmentally friendly techniques, in compliance with the European regulations and the integrated agriculture systems.

Experienced agronomists support our team by checking that the olive trees and their fruits are always healthy.


“Beginning of the phase ripening”

This is a crucial moment in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. The olives are harvested when they are still green, at the initial phase of ripening, in order to guarantee a strong presence of aromatic and phenolic substances that give quality and flavour to the extra virgin olive oil.

We harvest the olives from the beginning of October to mid-November.


“Within six hours from harvesting”

The olives are processed and the is oil cold extracted within 6 hours from harvesting to avoid oxidation.

The mill, located within a few minutes from the olive groves, combines modern extraction technology without addition of water, resulting in a more eco-friendly and top quality extra virgin olive oil.


“Preserving the flavour”.

Once extracted, the oil is stored in sterilized stainless steel tanks with inert nitrogen to avoid oxidation.

The tanks are kept in our laboratory under controlled temperature. We only bottle our own extra virgin olive oil.

Our story

A family estate with centenary trees overlooking the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea in Lamezia Terme, Calabria and a doctor, my grandfather, who believed in the extraordinary health benefits of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

I grew up playing with my sister and my cousins in the family olive groves, embracing a genuine love for our countryside and our beautiful landscape.

We all learned to follow the seasons, the slow process of growth that requires calmness and empathy for nature’s cycles. Inspired by this significant heritage, my family now in its third generation, continues to invest in quality, innovation and sustainable farming, making Tenute Cristiano available to connoisseurs looking for an excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Guides and Awards

Panel tasters of the most famous international extra virgin olive oil guides have applauded Tenute Cristiano. We are proud to be present in:

  • Flos Olei
  • Slow Food
  • Terred’Olio
  • Gambero Rosso

Tenute Cristiano is an award winning extra virgin olive oil featuring in some of the most prestigious international competitions: Domina IOOC, Terra Olivo, Olivinus.

  • Domina IOOC
  • Terra Olivo
  • Olivinus


The Cristiano family cultivate its olive groves with passion and dedication.

Marco Oreggia

I work enthusiastically every day so that people can get to know high quality extra virgin olive oil and Tenute Cristiano is one of them.

Fausto Borella, Founder Maestro d'olio

Meet the team


Half English and half Italian Scarlett has been running the family estate in the last fifteen years. Her holistic approach and love for nature are at the heart of our company’s philosophy and have contributed to make Tenute Cristiano an award winning extra virgin olive oil.


Isabella, Scarlett’s daughter, is committed to sustainable farming believing that an excellent extra virgin olive oil is made only by nourishing and respecting nature looking after it for the future generations. Strong supporter of the Mediterranean diet, she is the Founder of Tenute Cristiano and lives between Italy and London.


Barbara is our Quality Manager. She is an olive oil sommelier and a food lover. Barbara is passionate about cooking and experimenting new recipes by combining the best ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine. In her free time she loves travelling and discovering new gastronomic experiences.

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